If universities should be reformed

Today I read an article about whether universities should be reformed. In Japan, more than 50% of high school students go to universities to get a high higher education qualification. I don’t think the university system is sufficient for students and should be reformed related to from the following points.

Firstly, the tuition fees should be free for to enable students to have much many more opportunities to learn at the university. According to As a result of rising the poverty rates in Japan, some students cannot afford to pay tuition fees besides in addition to living cost. Then As a result, they have to drop out from of the school to search a job. The main objective for universities should be to offer the educational opportunities until students graduate one’s graduation, not  force giving them to give up to continue on studying.

Secondly, universities in Japan should give more free moratorium time to students to allow them to think for thinking about their future. I heard many American students have a “gap year” to learn various things from all over the world.

Moreover, classes of on logical thinking should be conducted to foster the students’ critical thinking abilities. Generally, Japanese people hesitate to express their opinions, sometimes without reasons, in front of other people. On the other hand, many people in overseas  foregin countries express one’s their opinion logically. Japanese thoughts ideas about modesty makes people to hesitate, but some of the reason for the hesitation obscure is that we are not good at explaining our thoughts logically. Universities has have a role to play in solving solve this problem.

I hope many young people will achieve success in their fields in the future.

  • Generally, Japanese people are hesitant to express their opinions.

Children and sports

The Rio Olympic games are being held holding this week. When we see the asthletes’ beautiful and dynamic play, we are very moved. Today, I would like to think about whether sports are essential for children or not.

Firstly, sports are necessary for developing muscles and bones in of children. The functions of body will be well developing by training. Training the The trained body will make children grow healthy so that and continue work and daily life will be smoothly once they are after becoming adults.

Secondly, children may learn teamwork with other people through sports. In order to To get the scores at the game of team sports games like soccer, baseball and so on, players have to understand how to relay the ball to other team members. From enhancing raising their the view point of view thinking about teammates’ members’ movements, children will be able to help each other out in the society.

Moreover, through the training, children raise their the selfesteem, which is one of the important skills (L)for living to live in the society. If there is a difficult objective for them, through their planning to reach the goals and doing the drills step by step, they can achieve their desired the position which they want. Their confidence in to achievinge their the goals will be in place effective after they are grown up.


Increasing longevity

Today I did my homework about if on whether increasing longevity have has a beneficial effect on society.

I think longevity makes Japan’s economy improve will help in improving Japan’s economy. In many companies, retirement age is being extended from 60 to 65. Then As a result of this, people can will be able to work and earn their salaries living to live richer better than before. Also, many industries like healthcare, tourism and food are focusing on senior people to promote their buying motivation.

As other another point, increasing elderly people may help younger people learn traditional technic and mind. For example, Kabuki is a traditional play in Japan. Many senior actors teach thoroughly their performance to young actors train the young actors to perform. Since Kabuki has a family system, seniors conveys their skills which is able to play by only that family to their sons via oral orally.If fathers pass away earlier, the tradition might discontinue.

Also In addition, after post retirement, some people are going travel abroad as overseas senior volunteers. They have a special skills such as growing crops systematically, irrigation, producing electricity and stay more than a year to convey their skills impart their knowledge to people in developing countries. By learning picking up those skills, local people will be able to gain their income by themselves in a position to earn on their own.


I like K-pop

I like listening to K-pop, Korean pop music. Many idol groups show the wonderful singing and dancing. Since the Korean government regards Korean entertainment, including K-pop, movies and dramas as one of their important export industries, a lot of celebrities are visiting to Asian countries, including Japan.


strange hobby

Long time no see! I restart to post an entry  from now on.
Today, I would like to write about my strange hobby (a little bit).

One of my hobbies is reading books. Mainly, they are Japanese books, but I sometimes read English books. Actually, more than reading, I love to walk around the bookstore to encounter books I’ve never heard of and/or the latest books, best sellers, and so on.

I often use online stores like Amazon.co.jp to purchase books. They are convenient for me to quickly find books I want if I already know the title and content. However, I like looking for books in “real” stores.


Super Show 5 in Tokyo (July 27, 2013)

I went to the Tokyo Dome on July 27, to see the Super Junior!!

20130727-2 It was hot, sunny day, but a lot of people were in line to buy goods from the early morning. It was the first time to see the “Super Show” after I became the “ELF”.

After the first VCR, “Mr. Simple” started…. I could not say anything but “Kyaaaaaaaaaa”

When Kang In danced “Mr. Simple” with members, I started to cry with no reason….. how should I say…. Maybe I was glad he returned from the army and join the song which was sold during his absent….


(I will write bit by bit )

(Cr. @ Famous_Joe)



Link to episodes

About 120 words of verbs and 10 words of adjectives are on the list for grade 5 of Hangul test. Those characters of verbs looks similar, then it makes me confuse sometimes.

As you may know, one of the method to memorize is so-called “linking to episodes”. If you have experiences something related to the words, you can memorize them more easily. If you have not experienced that, don’t worry. You can create the episodes based on  your impression, rule, play with words, etc.  Owing to the dramas and variety shows, some words still remain in my head. For example, “ペゴプタ…” (I’m hungry.), “アッパヨ” (ache), and “ナップンノム!” (bad guy!) . (I used “katakana” , relying on my memories. However, using “Katakana” is not good to learn foreign languages.) When I learned ” 고프다”, I remembered that it is the 用言of “(ペ)ゴプタ” Also, I can memorize the words of “아프다 ” (>아파요), ” 나쁘다”

Besides using word card repeatedly, increasing the words you know like this is good way to memorize.